We are totally sure that there are now more and more people who go to financing to obtain a certain amount of money and thus fulfill certain dreams as a family. That said, we also know the wide variety of possibilities that are available, especially in cities like these that have millions of people and the financial ones, banks, mutual institutions, lenders, etc., that offer credits are many. That is why now our desire is to give you without being extensive concrete and adequate information about a good opportunity if you already need money to allocate it to multiple issues.

Why ask for a payday loan?

Why ask for a personal loan ?

Saying with certainty why it is convenient to ask for a loan in this institution is really simple and the answer will be concrete: it is a public bank, with its own financing and that innovates at all times when granting its programs. What does that mean? That with investment every month grows not only in number of clients but in quality its services with a total and absolutely comprehensive vision with proposals that aim to fulfill strictly social functions. All this at the hand of ethics, responsibility, coherence and greater transparency, assuring every customer a reliable and risk-free experience.

Does the grant loans of 500 thousand?

If you want to access this amount of money, you must first consider what the destination will be for the cash. For example, if you want to finance a vehicle you will have to ask for the pledge credit which gives you up to 75% of the cost of the car to buy. On the other hand, if you want a sum and then allocate it to various issues, in that case the most appropriate is to access the payday loan available, which without problems gives you that amount and now in the following paragraphs we will analyze it in detail.

How do payday loans work?

Credits in this modality that the entity will be able to grant are simple programs due to giving them to those who yearn with their families to make a trip, expand the house in which they live, pay for postgraduate studies, among many other things that may arise in the daily life of any person. You are given a maximum of $ 500 thousand and then pay in 5 years and the best thing is that you have accreditation in a period that will never exceed 24 hours after applying. When you request the money and comply with the requirements that we will later highlight, you will immediately and directly credit the money in the account so that it can be withdrawn and used whenever you want, and as regards the payment of the respective fee he will discount every month of his savings bank. It has the advantage in the program of being able to cancel it whenever it wants and for that reason the entity nothing is going to charge additionally.

What are the requirements for personal credit in this entity?

At the time this loan was designed and scheduled, not only was it taken into account to be able to grant good benefits, but also that it could be requested by any person and that she comply with simple conditions, that is, she does not have to face bureaucracies to carry out the process. What is asked is the following:

  • The seniority in your requested work is 12 months if you do it in a dependent manner.

  • If is what you are going to request is seniority in that minimum regime of 6 months.

  • You will have to carry a copy of your national identity document along with the original.

  • That is in your name when you ask for the credit you are asked for a service.

  • Credit what income per month you are having when you make the corresponding request.

  • If you have a stable dependency relationship to prove your income, 3 salary receipts will suffice.

  • If you are in Monotributo situation, in that case the last 3 payments made to this.

What are the tips before asking for a loan ?

As in all financing, different are the issues that are previously relevant to analyze the order. What things is good to keep in mind? It will vary depending on each client but now we will tell you what are the things that we consider to be the most relevant at present in the times that we are going through:

  • Knowing well how much money we really need.

  • Do not request amounts that later we will not be able to pay.

  • Read each of the clauses of the contract to sign.

  • Have the opportunity to quote our loan.

  • Determine in what term we will return the cash received.

  • Compare with other financial institutions that offer similar programs.

Is it possible to request payday loans online today?

Asking for the operation and which is currently directly accredited in this bank is not possible, but it does have a system through which you will have the possibility of expediting your operation and request. What does it consist of? In a form that you find to complete in the payday loans section of your website. Completing it with certain data then in a matter of a few hours an advisor of the bank will be put directly in contact with you and thus continue with the procedure without bureaucracy.