Sale of the fifth Funding bank 2018

Sale of the fifth Funding bank 2018

Applications for personal payday loans are growing in Italy. A trend that although the effects of the crisis are still felt, indicates a greater positivity on the part of Italian savers. To respond to the growing requests for financing, several banks and financial companies have developed ad hoc offers. Among these we find the Funding bank personal payday loan proposal.

The well-known financial company offers various personal payday loan solutions, suitable for both employees and retirees. First of all the transfer of the fifth. In this case, we are talking about financing based on the presence of a demonstrable fixed income. The amortization installments are in fact deducted directly from the paycheck or from the monthly pension of the beneficiary.

As the name suggests, the periodic installment of the assignment of the fifth cannot exceed the fifth part (20%) of salary or pension, to be considered net of taxes.

By choosing Funding bank personal payday loans on assignment of the fifth, the maximum amount that can be financed is defined on the basis of the applicant’s monthly income. the interest rate is fixed. The reference product is called Quintocè.

We remind you that current legislation also provides for the subscription of a compulsory insurance policy against life and employment risk (for pensioners only life risk). The repayment of the credit extends for a maximum period of 120 months (10 years)

Funding bank’s personal payday loans:

Funding bank

However, the Funding bank personal payday loan offer also includes other credit access solutions. The products in question are: Multiple Loan, Funding bank and Unique loan. The first is a loan that rewards debtors who regularly repay the amortization installments.

Funding bank is instead a personal payday loan with a maximum duration of 84 months. The maximum Taeg applied to the loan is 17.42%. Finally, Unique loan is the product for debt consolidation, even in this case it is not possible to exceed 84 months. The maximum amount that can be financed is always fixed at 30 thousand USD.